Do It Better

from by Blueskank



You, you, you can do it Better

Everytime, my friend, I try
Time after time,
I get the things that I grew yesterday.
I donñt really care where you come from,
it just matters the way you are.
So It´s time to be gratefull
for the thing that we have got in life.

You, you can do it better.

Why should we go?
If we got to come back with nothing.
Money´s not a reason to live
´cause the lessons I learn are priceless.
Music, many thing many teach.
Refuse it, never be it bluesor afrobeat.
Try, Nico´s telling wise on the mic.
Smile, no gravedigger´s gonna stop any dream.

You, you can do it better.

Everyday, is just an awful game.
All what tey´re telling me is a world in pain, but we know.
Yes, we know that we can make it right,
let people decide them way.
Let them decide...
So make it easy.

Easy, nobody said it was easy, must be difficult.
I want to tell you again.
We choose the long way, always.... with my people.

You can, do it, better... remember any time.
I need to tell you again.


from Do It Better (Single), released November 28, 2016
Lyrics – Nicolás Navarro, Miguel Valenciano, Javier Ochoa
Music – Blueskank
Recorded by Rubén G.Motos & Rodrigo Díaz @Matilda Estudio (Madrid)
Digital Mix by Rubén G.Motos
Analog Mix and dub by Puppa Shan @DiscoInferno (Madrid)
Master by Oscar Pablos “Ojah” @Alchemy Dubs Studio (London)




Blueskank Madrid, Spain

Blueskank es un centro de operaciones donde el roots reggae se ve salpicado de soul, jazz y afrobeat, dando lugar a una nueva manera de entender la música negra.

Blueskank is an original mixture of roots reggae, soul, jazz and afrobeat which brings a new way to experiment what black music is.
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